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Silver nanoparticles hydrogel used in dental pulp capping

Project Proposal

BME 598 - Advance Biomaterials


August 2021 - December 2021


Arizona State University

Silver nanoparticle hydrogel has good mechanical strength, antibacterial characteristics and can prevent inflammatory reactions. So they can be used in dental pulp capping. Biofilm formation in the implanted device is the main drawback for implant failure in dental surgery. The silver nanoparticles have excellent characteristics of biological activities against microorganisms. The mechanism of silver nanoparticles is they can release silver ions continuously to kill the microorganisms. Silver nanoparticles have excellent antibacterial activity because of their large surface-to-volume ratio. Silver is widely used in the medical field. They have good anti-bacterial activity, low toxicity, and excellent biocompatibility with cells. Silver nanoparticles in dentistry are used to prevent infections in the oral cavity and avoid biofilm formation. So overall goal is to use the silver nanoparticle in dental pulp capping with its applications. The specific objective of this proposal is to characterize their chemical and structural modification.
Aim 1: To develop silver nanoparticle hydrogel for dental pulp capping
Aim 2: To evaluate antibacterial characteristics of the silver nanoparticle hydrogel
Aim 3: To evaluate the mechanical strength of the silver nanoparticle hydrogel
Aim 4: To evaluate dental capping properties in vivo

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